Is rice dangerous for a kidney stone patient?

Is rice dangerous for a kidney stone patient?

 Is rice dangerous for a kidney stone patient?

The simple answer is to mention what happens to the rice after we consume it ! Since rice constitutes carbohydrates and water, it is converted into sugar and water and thus provides the necessary calories    ( 4 calories per gram of sugar ) that are utilized for energy purposes or if in excess it is either excreted in the urine or converted into fat and stored for energy purposes ! No part of it is stone-forming and hence by corollary rice is not dangerous for a kidney-stone patient !

Is rice dangerous for a kidney stone patient?

Rice is the staple food for more than half of the world's population, including countless people with kidney stones, but they still eat rice every day.

Rice is an extremely nutrient-rich food, and rice has nothing to do with kidney stones.

Kidney stones are preventable and treatable, and the easiest way to prevent and treat kidney stones is to eat the right foods.

Studies have shown that approximately 70% to 80% of stones are calcium oxalate stones.

The accumulation of oxalic acid in the body is the main factor leading to kidney stones.

In addition, excessive intake of high-sugar, high-protein and high-purine foods is also linked to kidney stones.

Kidney stone patients should eat less foods high in oxalic acid, such as spinach, beans, carrots, mushrooms, amaranth, coriander, celery, grapes, oranges, strawberries and so on.

It is recommended that patients with kidney stones often eat some black fungus. Black fungus contains alkaloids and various minerals, which can produce a strong chemical reaction to kidney stones, dissolve the stones, shrink them and excrete them from the body.

Patients with kidney stones also are advised to drink plenty of water. Studies have shown that a 50% increase in urine output can reduce the incidence of kidney stones by 85%.

You can eat rice, but since you have kidney stones let me help you. Stop drinking anything with caffeine coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks which dehydrate you. When you are dehydrated your urine get concentrated and will leave minerals in your kidneys to bind together and form kidney stones. Reduce your salt intake because it will bind with the other minerals and form sharp edged kidney stones like knives excruciating pain.

Drink 8 glasses of water everyday to flush out the minerals before they become a problem.

Talk with a urologist to keep an eye on your kidney stones size. Don’t let them get larger than 4.5 mm’s because your ureter can only stretch to 5 mm’s. If they are larger than 5 mm’ you should talk to the urologist about removal of the kidney stone by lithotripsy surgery to crush the kidney stones. If the stones are larger like 10 mm’s you will need key hole surgery. Drink the water everyday for the health of your kidneys. It’s not what you eat but what you drink that can be a problem. Good Luck.

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